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Banaue Attractions 

A trip to the Ifugao Province will provide you the opportunity to see the historic and magnificant Ifugao Rice Terraces.

These tiered constructs (many more than 2000 years old), are breathtaking to behold.

They invoke an otherworldly and mystical feeling much like what one experiences when viewing, in person, Machu Picchu or the Great Pyramids.

Visitors can experience these breathtaking terraces by visiting various viewpoints in Banaue itself, as there is a cluster of them that traverses the very heart of town.

The nearby villages of Bangaan and Hapao are accessible by motor transport and offer stunning views.

Those seeking a more challenging excursion can choose from a number of day hikes to the surrounding villages of Batad, Cambulo, and Pula.

The Ifugao Province is a world-class destination for avid trekkers from around the globe and Banaue is their "home base."

If you are one of these avid trekkers, or are just looking for a more rewarding and challenging experience, secure one of our multi-day treks.

If you want to "go all out," talk to one of our guides about hikes to more far-flung villages or climbing Mt. Amuyao.

Additionally, trekking Banaue offers a multitude of healthful benefits. One recent, more portly visitor took advantage of our local treks to undergo a self-imposed extreme workout plan. Over the course of two weeks, he went on 10 days of hiking and lost more than 20 pounds.

The Banaue Halfway Lodge and Restaurant is your go-to place for sight seeing in the area.

All tours booked thru the Banaue Halfway Lodge and Restaurant use the services of certified guides who operate out of the Tourism Center.

These guides have undergone extensive training in areas of trail navigation, CPR, emergency rescue and many other topics pertinent to your safety and enjoyment whilst on your excursion..

If someone approaches you on the street offering guide services, please be cautious.

This is not to say that they are of bad character.

They are not, however, certified and trained.

In addition to seeing the rice terraces, Banaue is home to many fine craftsmen. The town is literally brimming with artisans producing woodcarvings, native textiles, metal art, knives, and woven straw items.

For a rewarding and well-implemented culural experience, be sure not to miss the Banaue Ethnic Village. This is a very interesting attraction that features a painstakingly recreated Ifugao village, with structures that offer a "living history" of Ifugao architecture. Inquire at the Banaue Halfway Lodge about optional group lectures and ritual reenactments.

If you are planning for a longer stay in the area, schedule a two day visit to the nearby Mountain Province. There you can hike to a magnificent waterfall, go spelunking (in the real sense of the word), and see the eerie burial caves and hanging coffins.


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